Just how big is the Ecomantics plugin?

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...OK picked up the Ecomantics - Efficient Ecosystems plugin. So in my Downloads there are something like nine different installer files, all of them well over 100MB (at least the first four I already DLd/still DL-ing). Also, each of these is taking a lot more time to DL than the 1.6 update of StudioPro 4.5 (this is why I wish they'd have the number of files and filesizes listed on the product page and in the DL list like we used to see).

So just how big is this plugin?

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    This is what I downloaded back in March 2012. There are files for three different applications, Carrara (ca), Poser (dpc) and Daz Studio (ds) so you have the option of just downloading for the application you're planning to use it in.

    143.3M ca 13124_EcomanticsEfficientEco1_1.0_ca.exe
    155.2M ca 13124_EcomanticsEfficientEco2_1.0_ca.exe
    145.1M ca 13124_EcomanticsEfficientEco3_1.0_ca.exe

    198.1M dpc 13124_EfficientEcosystemsPsHi1_1.0_dpc.exe
    194.9M dpc 13124_EfficientEcosystemsPsHi2_1.0_dpc.exe
    110.3M dpc 13124_EfficientEcosystemsPsLo_1.0_dpc.exe

    163.0M ds 13124_EcomanticsEfficientEco1_1.0_ds.exe
    147.4M ds 13124_EcomanticsEfficientEco2_1.0_ds.exe
    156.9M ds 13124_EcomanticsEfficientEco3_1.0_ds.exe
    5.6M ds 13124_EcomanticsEfficientEco1MetaData_1.0_ds.exe

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    ...holeee mother of pearl. That's gong to take at least two more cappuccinos.

    Thank you.


    The ".ca" ones are for Carrara Correct?

    So if I just want this for 4.5 I only need the .ds files or do I need the Poser ones as well?

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    You just need the DS ones, and you don't need the extra metadata installer.

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    ...thanks that means I already have them (plus one of the Carrara ones). I thought it seemed odd there were so many files. When I get all the Daz Studio stuff working on the new system, then I'll go back and DL the Carrara & Poser files.

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