I'm looking for poses, etc. for characters from 'Ghost in the Shell' anime

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I would prefer Kusanagi Motoko and Bateau. I found the hair for Motoko in the Aiko 3 free resources thread.

I just need the rest. :-) I was going to try using the Genesis and Trail Blazer clothes. I do have some DS3 items, Aiko, M3 I think, and other items from a year ago.

I'm willing to do some of the work, but I haven o idea where to start or how to put it together.

I'll be using DS 4.5 to make the characters.

I'm not sure what files I need. Thank for any help on this !


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    No body ?

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    I've seen Ghost in the Shell but from your post I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for. Do you want your characters to look like anime characters, or like real people that resemble the animated characters?

    If you're interested in anime style, I think Hitomi and Hiro 5 should be at the top of your list. I don't know of a Genesis anime character that looks anything like Batou, but you might try mixing Hiro 5 with a non-anime character who looks like Batou--maybe Mr. Hyde? I'd probably go with Pure Hair: Sleek for Batou's hair (assuming you want his long hairstyle, that is). For Kusanagi, Hitomi is certainly too "cutesy" but her skin and morph provide a useful starting point...maybe mix Hitomi with Victoria 5 or another realistic female shape, and possibly also mixing in the Aiko 3 shape.

    For realistic Genesis men and women, you'll probably want to start with Victoria 5 and Michael 5. I'd recommend the Elite Valerie skin for Kusanagi, but there are other good options too (maybe Xiao Wen or The Priestess, for example). Batou will need a really beefy morph, of course...maybe mixing Michael 5 Hero with Mr. Hyde or Freak 4 for Genesis...something like that?

    For creating characters to match a certain physical appearance, you'll want to get as many morph sets as possible. Start with this one (it's free, and great): http://www.sharecg.com/v/58198/gallery/21/DAZ-Studio/DieTryings-182-V4-Morphs-for-Genesis and add the Genesis Evolution morphs. If you want/need even more morph options, I'd recommend the Genesis Morph Kits by Thorne and Handspan Studios. Adding extra body shapes (like Stephanie 5, the Gen 3 Iconic Shapes, Gen 4 Iconic Shapes, Creature Creator Bodies, etc., will greatly expand your options, too.

    You may want to consider the Genesis Supersuit as a bodysuit/clothing. It's very versatile and can be customized to a wide range of appearances.

    No idea what sort of poses to recommend. You might try making your own...it's not that hard, and it's a valuable skill to learn. See this thread for some advice: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/3450/

    Hope this helps! If you still need more suggestions, could you perhaps link to some images that illustrate the sort of thing you want?

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    Doesn't have to be realistic or it could be like a real person. I think I have Hiro 5, but I'll have to check. I did download the DS tutorials mentioned as being free this weekend. And got the two that cost under $5 each.

    I wanted to working on something at least I know what it will look like in comparison to something I have never seen. Working on a character, but I have only a mental image of how it should look fiinished isn't always easy for me to visualize. I can do it, but I find it easier to learn something new by taking a known and changing it around in my mind. Then trying to make those changes in software. Eventually I hope to do completely original content, but for now I will need to have some starting areas, items, etc. I can alter.

    Sometimes it is hard for me to figure out how to do something as I can visualize it, and then spend over an hour, or more, trying to figure out the method to get there. I realize it will come with familiarity with the software. It is like the mapping software I bought years ago to make game maps,\. The maps looked awful at first, and got better with practice.

    I've seen various looks, hair, skin, etc. styles in various AMVs on youtube. For the time being, I was more looking for places to start.

    Thanks for the model/pose suggestions. I'll look those over and figure what to do next. I'm stil learning the DS interface, and I think I have gotten it figured out how to bring up content when it never seems to be the same thing twice in a row during the same session... I mean what I see on the left side of DS when I'm working on it.

    If this seems a bit scattered, my apologies. My recent job has me getting up early in the morning, before 5 AM, and getting off to work. I'm usually asleep by this time on weekdays.

    I've copied your psot to a text file on my hard drive and I'll go over it when I can.

    Thanks !

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