Just a little Holiday present...

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...to have a right supply for your colonists all over the galaxy. So they will have their Holiday gifts even right in time I hope ;)

Nice and blessed Holiday to all of you!

Download links:

Obj version (full textured):

Bryce version:

Carrara version:

Vue version:

700 x 700 - 385K
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    Neat! Many thnx and happy holidays to you!

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    Very nice of you to share this with us. You have lots of very useful Sci-fi stuff at ShareCG. Thank you.

    BTW- I created Poser (pp2) control files for your Modular S.R.R. Droid and posted it at ShareCG and at Free3dcontent.net. I will probably create control file for this too. Is there any reason you are not already doing this with your freebies?

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    Welcome - and thank you in return, friends! :)

    Wow! I was not aware that you did this! Thank you very much indeed. There is only one reason for me to not having done that so far - it is just the lack of time to make myself familiar with handling Poser and Studio. As I begun working in 3D in Bryce years ago, my next step was Vue and -because Bryce animations offered no possibilities to have particles flying around, neither did Vue then- Carrara. It took some amount of time to get deeper into those programs (and all the corresponding tools), so I just could not fiddle around with even more software. (Had to learn to model in Hexagon, too and later bought me 3D Coat because of that fantastic clay modding and retopo...). DS and Poser just are serving me to have some posed characters so far - I`m really stuck with the way to prepare items in a right manner to give them away to other users any time I try to do so.
    It really took me some time to understand the runtime structure as well *lol* - all the stuff I collected over years had to be sorted anew manually, when I finally got it and made my own runtime structure. :P
    Novadays I am looking a bit deeper into Poser and DS ( thanks to the Genesis technology, which truly seems to make things easier!), so I guess with a little more time spent on that, I will surely succeed delivering items for both, DS/Poser, too... ;)

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    Wooow! Thank you soo much for this, my friend. What a lovely freebie!
    Wishing you nice and peaceful Holidays. :)

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    I downloaded this from the 3dboard advent - thanks for it and the opportunity here to say thanks :) And thanks for the Poser files to Meshworks!

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