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New to DAZ, of course...Last night when I downloaded DAZ, it seemed to be working I downloaded the metadata, and a couple of things I bought, and now I have the smart pane, but it is only showing surfaces, and can't seem to figure out how to get the other things back so I can see figures, etc...I also have another pane on the other side of my screen that has content management, and can get the genesis start figure, but not clothing, etc...Could you advise please???


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    Smart Content uses the CMS (Content Management Service) to display the items in that pane. Is it running? Check in the Task Manager (Windows)

    If you have a clothing item selected in the Scene pane, then only materials for that item should appear. If you go to the Scene pane, and make sure that Genesis is selected, then ALL items that apply to Genesis should display. Deselect everything, and everything that has MeatData should appear.

    The Content Library pane does not rely on CMS at all, and everything that you have on your HDD should appear there, assuming that the folder is properly listed as a DAZ Studio and Poser Formats folder. Did you use the default 'My Library' folder in Documents?

    If you go to Categories, can you see any content there?

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    Content Management is running, I do get some stuff up, but not all...and do not have the tabs supposedly available, and everything is loaded properly and showing in the folders...have sent a screen shot of my screen as it shows...would you recommend reinstalling DAZ, and if so, can I just reinstall over the old one, or should I uninstall first? And will that affect any of the other things I installed?
    Thanks for your help,

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    Left side smart content etc is all blank. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 4.5..Win XP 32 bit.. I however have all the tabs with nothing showing up

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    If you have no content showing up, then you may be looking in the wrong place.

    If you go to the Content Library, then you should see everyihng on the disk that is installed. (Window > Tabs > Content Library)

    You MUST have CMS running for Smart Content to show up. You also need to look in Pose Formats for earlier models in My Library > Fgures etc.

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    and,, I think if Srich63300 change layout manually or hide some tabs without intention,,,, @@;

    about this case,
    Srich63300 may better return defualt ds setting layout. (untill know well how manage each tabs)

    topmenu>windows>workspace>select Layout
    open Layout window, then select Hollewood Blvd.
    click accept.

    my pic is I changed to default Hollewood Blvd Layout by that way.

    it may change the tab location to defualt too.

    And you can open and hide tabs manually and you can adjust tab location by simply drug and drop.
    on top menu window>Panes( tab) . or right mouse click on contena border area (not on tab),
    then open panes(tab)

    can you see the genesis figure? when you open ds4

    if you can not see the genesis figure, you must need to install the contents too.
    if you get ds 4.5, it must be shown in your account at same time.
    "DAZ Studio 4.5.x 32-bit - exe - pc"
    "Genesis Starter Essentials 1.6 - exe - pc"

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