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Tre isn’t all there
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Kharma - 24 December 2012 10:36 AM
Lindsey - 23 December 2012 03:27 PM

The clothing and material references in the DAZ_3D_15482_Tre.dsx file in Runtime/Support don’t match the paths to the files in the Content Library.

Archive a backup copy of the DAZ_3D_15482_Tre.dsx file and make these changes to the file in the Support folder:

Find: People/Genesis/Clothing/Tre
Change:  People/Genesis/Clothing/Bobbie25/Tre

Add prefix B25  to the wardrobe file name references so they match the Content Library file names:

From: TreHoodie.duf
To: B25TreHoodie.duf

From: TreNecklace.duf
To: B25TreNecklace.duf

From: TreShirt.duf
To: B25TreShirt.duf

From: TreShorts.duf
To: B25Shorts.duf

Save the DAZ_3D_15482_Tre.dsx file and re-import.

All of these changes are ABOVE the <SupportAssets VALUE=”/Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_15482_Tre.dsx”> line

Really??  Are you kidding me??!!  We pay for these items, they should work properly, without fiddling with them.  If you went to the tire shop, bought a tire, got it home and found it there was a leak would you just say oh well and fix it yourself or expect the tire shop to replace it asap?  If you bought a sweater at the store, got it home and realized it had a snag in it, would you fix it yourself or take it back and have them replace it?  You would probably be quite annoyed that these places are selling less than quality product that can’t be used as is, but here at DAZ people tend to find workarounds to fix products they paid for and should work as expected….not all of us have the time and patience or knowledge to repair these items so they will work.  It is the responsibility of Daz and the vendor to make sure their items work before they are released.

Since I started coming back to DAZ in October, I have read through tons of forum posts,  and over and over I see complaint after complaint about the same things, and altho it is wonderful that there are so many willing to help by posting fixes and workarounds for items…why isn’t DAZ on top of this more?  Don’t they see the discontent of so many of their customers.

FWIW..I manage a hotel..if I treated my customers complaints in this manner, instead of responding asap my business would fail…end of story.  I care so much about my business and reputation that an immediate response to a customer isn’t soon enough.  I will go to great lengths to make sure each and every customer is totally satisfied when they leave here…and that doesn’t matter whether it is 2 PM or 3 AM, weekend or weekday…the customer always comes first.

Just my 2 cents smile

  Granted I’ve only run into an issue with importing metadata a handful of times. Obviously, in this instance file names and locations were changed after the metadata import files were generated.  It’s obvious there needs to be a standard check list to follow during QA testing and final releasing, but stuff happens. 

  I don’t sweat the small stuff.  I look at these issues as learning opportunities.  The metadata feature is so complex to me that I can’t wrap my pea brain around it when it was first releases and tutorials starting showing up, but little by little by addressing these hick-ups, I’m slowly learning how it works at my own pace and I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I’m able to fix a metadata issue on my own.

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...As I am finally in the process of setting up an entirely new system, I will be going the custom route as everything will be a clean install. Even in my current setup I don’t use either Smart Content or the Metadata

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