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I have a question does anyone know of a good way to export carrara model already rigged bones and all so that it can be opened in maya. If you wonder I have tried just about all of them I'm wondering what am I missing or is it just going to be that screwed up. I will probably have start the rigging process over again wont I.


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    Try FBX.....It was a couple of years ago when I did it it,so its all a bit hazey now.From what I can remember the model came into Maya HUGE! And there was a bit of fiddling to do with the textures.But I wasnt dealing with the Maya bit.The bones seemed to work ok.

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    I see what you mean it does work but the bones are disorientated some are bigger. Also parts of my model has moved to a different location. How hard would you think it would be to re size the bones. I have seen some maya tutorials but I was wondering in you opinion. Would you think it be better for me to import it into 3DS max.

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    I'm thinking about exporting my model in t-pose with no skeleton and using max for the rigging and then use maya for the other stuff like apex clothing etc. I imported the model into max nothing seems to work.

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    HI Grimreaper :)

    You should be able to open the FBX file in Max or Maya, and the bones should work and the figure should look as it did when you built it.

    If it doesn't,.. then the most likely scenario is that you've done some thing wrong in the building process.

    Max uses Biped (figure skeleton), and Physique, (weight mapping envelopes) which can be tricky to set up and time consuming to get right,.

    If I were you,. I'd look at what distortions you're getting in the model when you export/import into another program,.
    then open your original model in carrara and check those areas to see if there are any obvious issues,.

    perhaps even "Detach the skeleton" and have a look at the base model,. and the skeleton as separate items to see if there's anything that could cause any issues., ....different bone scaling, are the bones named correctly,. are there any unconnected meshes, etc

    As far as "what program should you build the bones in" .. that depends on what program you want to work with.
    but adding bones can be done in several programs. many 3D programs bone systems don't transfer easily or well to other programs.

    perhaps another question should be ,.. Why,. are you trying to export to max / maya ?

    Hope some of that helps :)

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    Let's see it actually wasn't exactly a distortion I miswrote that it was more like it place some stuff in a different spot. The texture didn't transfer quiet right either. I figured out which program I'm going to use to rig models in I'm going to use maya. The reason why I'm exporting is because I already had an old model rigged, but I was going to export it for maya or max because there is a lot more options.

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