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Shade 3D for Unity Now Free and Available for Download
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Powerful Modeler and PreViz for Game Development (and more !)

Get FREE Shade 3D for Unity for Windows | Get FREE Shade 3D for Unity for Mac OS X
Shade 3D for Unity is based on the professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering tool set Shade, a product available for over 27 years and used worldwide by 3d professionals. Shade 3D for Unity enables designers and game developers to build animated project content that integrates with Unity 3D, the game development system for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and other devices.

Content Creation Features

Shade 3D for Unity includes an advanced tool set for creation of original 3D content.
* Import/Export integration with Unity 3D

  * Advanced 3D Modeling Environment

  * Polygon Mesh Editor

  * UV Editor and Image Management

  * Design friendly Bezier Spline Modeler

  * Powerful Object Instancing Features

  * 3D Object Hierarchy Browser

  * Material Setting Features

  * Material Parameter with Texture Map Settings

  * Animation Setting Feature

  * Draft Ray Tracing Preview Renderer

Integration Features

Integration between Unity 3D and Shade 3D for Unity enables developers to create original 3D content as well as import, modify, animate and customize over 150 different types of template based content available through the Unity Asset Store, including original backgrounds, props and characters.
* FBX-friendly Bone Structure

  * Paintable Bone Weight Mapping Tool

  * FBX compatible Inverse Kinematics Feature

  * Scene Loader for Unity (imports .shd files; available through Unity Asset Store)

  * Simple Spring Motion Simulator(Baked Simulation result exportable to Unity)

  * Key Frame Animation(Baked Key Frame for Unity is output in addition to Key Frame for Shade)




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Fantastic program, thank you very much… smile


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