This Land is Your Land (or, working with terrain morphs and backdrops)

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Hi. I'm trying to create scenes which integrate both terrain figures for close-up detail and background terrain images to give the impression of scale. What I'm having trouble with is integrating the two - I can't get the textures or colors to match up the way I would like. There's a line where the two meet whenever I render the scene, breaking the illusion of one seamless landscape. I will post an image when I get home, at work right now.

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this? Many thanks in advance! :)



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    Which program are you using to render in?

    Layering works well in most programs, but you need more than foreground/background...often you need a middle layer.

    Also, DOF (depth of field) and/or atmosphere shaders will help.

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