Solution to moving your Content Management Service path

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Hi all,

I just wanted to share a way I have found to move your content database around after I moved to a new computer. These steps are for the Mac.

Before moving computers

1) Backup your content database, especially the following files:


After moving computers

1) Install DAZ Studio and the CMS to whatever location you want

2) Stop the CMS by running the script under utilities

3) Restore the content database files

4) Download Valentina Studio to edit the database from here:

5) Start Valentina Studio, open master.vdb

6) Edit the sysdatabase table and modify the paths there to the new database paths

7) Start the CMS

8) Start DAZ Studio -- your smart content should now be available to you again.

Note that I had only moved my CMS directory (didn't like it under /Library), but kept my actual content directory intact. Hope that helps!

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