Daz imagery product submission question [Answered]

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Hello all!
I'd like to send my promo imagery to DAZ, but there is a sentence in the rules for submitting that I do not understand at all, probably due to my "average" English level . None of my friends around me have been able to help me, and it was even worth is "google translate". So I finally decided to ask some help here.
In the submission rules presented here : http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/public/publishing/steps_to_publish/start
there is this sentence saying, in the foundation part :
"Also do not include generalized links to other products on sale at other brokerages as we want to see the actual product that you are interested in brokering with us."
ouch? What are these famous "generalized links" they are speaking about? What am I supposed to understand in this sentence?
Actually I cannot even emit hypothesis on what this means, I don't understand at all.
Thanks in advanced to anyone who could help me!

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    They want you to send promos images of the specific product you want to broker at DAZ. That's what they use to evaluate each product. so 5-6 pics to start the process and make sure the promos focus and showcase your product.

    That particular sentence means that they don't want to see links to other products that you might have at other stores or brokerages. Just focus on the product you are submitting. Their evaluation happens with each individual product's promos on its own merits.

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    I understand it to mean that they are not interested in anyone sending them links to any previous products that you may have on sale anywhere else, they only want to see the specific images of the product you are interested in brokering at DAZ 3D

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    All right!!! Now it is really clear to me!
    Thank you very very much Cholole and FirstBastion for your very fast answers, and have a great day!

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    I take "generalized links" to mean links to other products..." to mean links to other products which give a general idea of what your proposed product will be like. Instead, send images of your actual product.

    Of course, literally, a link cannot be generalized—a link is a specific address, but "generalized" really refers to the nature of the target of the link, which is a page or image which represents a generalized idea of the product concept. The phrase is rather loosely worded, grammatically, but this sort of thing is quite common in English.

    You can actually take this to mean do not send any links to other products for the purposes of illustrating your product idea.

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