These are a few of my favorite things:

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This should not be taken as a list of products I consider to be the's just what the subject line says...a few of my favorite things--items I have a certain fondness for; things I've particularly enjoyed using and rendering. I thought in honor of my 1001st post, I'd make a quick list as a way of saying "thank you" to the creators and vendors of these items, and also as an endorsement that may perhaps be helpful to new users and other prospective buyers.

Please feel free to respond to this post with some of your own favorites!

Female skins: Tamesis and Naoki
Female shapes: SickleYield's conversion of the free DieTrying morphs for V4 and Stephanie 4 (Genesis shape here)
Male skins: Stefan and M5 Elite Dave
Male shapes: Ashley for M5 and David 3 for Genesis
Female Hair: Gia and Sonia
Male Hair: Cuffed Tail 2 and Zac
Female Clothes: Morphing Fantasy Dress and Onyx
Male Clothes: Casual Male and Medieval Male Peasant Clothing
Unisex Clothes: Supersuit and Sickle Robe
Kid Clothes: Kenzi Outfit and Dynamic Penguin
Gen 4 Clothes: V4 Ranger and Veranil for M4
Clothing texture sets: Caput Caseum Textures and Supersuit Fantasy Pack
Shader presets: MachPack and Totally Bazaar
Lighting: Lantios Lights 2 and the lighting preset from Chablis for V4 and Genesis
Props: Spyro/Jaderail Tribal Bow and related sets and Sushi Time (here's Part 2)
Exterior Urban Sets: DMs Zahirs Palace and Medieval Docks
Exterior Rural Sets: Enchanted Island and Merlin's Crossing
Interior Sets: The Loading Dock and GIS Orion
Poses: Stephanie 5 Poses and V5 Fantasy Poses
Animals: LoRez Horse and Millennium Cat LE.
Creatures: Raw Oagre and the Troll for Genesis
Vehicles: Road Roller and Stinger (available for free as part of this bundle)

Miscellaneous: Neanderthal and Andromeda's Legend

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