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Product submission, how long does this take?
Posted: 05 June 2012 06:17 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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medhue - 05 June 2012 02:40 PM

Bad business is not the terms I used.
I can understand that a company doesn’t know the artist, and doesn’t know their workflow or standards. I would think tho, that once an artist establishes a reputation for quality, then Daz wouldn’t need to hold their hand or be so extensive with the submission process, freeing the PAs to test other things from new artists. Maybe they do have a process like this. I guess I’ll find out, or maybe not. I would suggest they at least add in some automatic email reply when they get a submission, cause I’m very much in the dark here as to what is going on, or what I should do from here. What I’ll probably just do is create my own website, which I should have done years ago. Then I’ll just put all my products there. If Daz accepts a submission of mine, then I will decide whether it is worth taking that product off my site and accepting the 50% commission. It not in my nature to wait around for corporate types to make decisions. When I get interested in a program or platform, I go at it full speed ahead, trying to ride the wave of my creative juices. This submission process is a huge creativity killer.

well if you make your site you might want to see how this site does it - He gives away some free stuff in the free forum here to get people to look at what there . you also might want to post some of your animation at youtube with links so people can see what you have .
link -

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Yeah, I actually already have that site bookmarked, and I’ve had a Youtube account for many many years now. I’ve never really used it to promote with, just as a place to put demo videos of some of my SL products. I started posting more things I was doing in Daz about 6 months ago, but I need to put more finished videos up there instead of mostly test renders. Just search for Medhue. Since I plan on making more finished videos and maybe a little animated series, I’ve already set my page up for adsense where I can also make money off the advertising. We’ll see how that works out. Good thoughts tho, and thanks for comment.

@Khory - I’m just saying that as a business man, I don’t think it is right to base your business on promotions or new releases when how many and how often is completely controlled by another company. I think it is best to make things that I know people are looking for and be on a site that has a good search engine where my product can be easily found. If people can find it, it will sell. IMHO.


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