Missing readme's in the Daz Documentaton Centre

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I've bought a few items recently and I've noticed that they don't have a readme in the Documentation Centre. I preferred it when the readme's were included with the product but as long as they were available somewhere I was okay, now that I've noticed that it isn't always guaranteed that there will be a readme it's become a problem for me. How do you I get a readme if it isn't included in the Documentation Centre?


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    Well I guess the first step would be to fill out a (*shudder*) "trouble ticket". Then after six weeks of waiting for a reply or resolution you could try to contact the artist and ask for some "readme" type of information.

    However, while I can't say that the DAZ "ReadMe's" have never been useful (McLean and a few other artists sometimes had some excellent ones), unfortunately I've usually found the DAZ Readme's to be about as useful as a fart in a blimp.

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    I wondered about this too.
    A few items I bought tried to access the internet for my readme.
    How hard can it be too continue including the runtimes with the software?

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    Yep I just bought some brand new items today ( Young Teen Pro Bundle) and there were a few items that had no readmes..I got "Page Not Found" instead.
    I frequently use readmes so I can see what folder them item goes into so I can find it.

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    digitell said:
    I frequently use readmes so I can see what folder them item goes into so I can find it.

    That's the way I do it too, and sometimes to check if I appear to have missed a file or something.

    I too miss the regular readme's. These days I tend to cut'n'paste what I want from the web based readme's (the file structure) and if there's none, I make my own, but that's a bit more troublesome.

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