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The last batch for 2012 ... and just in time for the End of the World as We Know It :-)

Now, let's see ... the 21st is the end of this solar cycle, poor Sol needs a rest ... so we have 2 or 3 days of darkness [love the 'Net eh] ... IF we do, DO NOT PANIC ... it's called an eclipse, that's all okay. So, let's see now, Dec 21 end. Dec 22-24 dark. NEW SUN [okay, Sol wakes up] DECEMBER 25th ... aka Christmas Day.

And if indeedy all that happens, realize we are living in a very precious moment in time. One that is only encountered every 36,000 years or so years.

All these textures were created by yours truly and are now "public domain". Feel free to enjoy them as you please be it for texturing 3d models, scrapbooking, just staring at, whatever ;-)

The tutorials are copyright however you are most certainly welcome to download anything I've uploaded at You are also free to share the information if you want to.

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    Thank you for all the great tutorials. They and you are appreciated! :-)

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    Thank you for all your tutorials Patience55.
    Happy end of this solar cycle :-) :-)

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    You're welcome, glad to see something is of use.

    One more item for the year :-)
    I'm not a chemist, could be inaccurate but does the trick where I'm using it.

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    Thanks for this and the lovely textures (and ALL your other wonderful freebies!)

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