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Hello everyone. I'm trying to find a copy of Daz Studio 3.0 to download. Does it still exist? I have 4.5 installed and it works great. I purchased Movie Maker for Daz Studio but says it only works in version It won't work in earlier versions or later versions than this so, I feel kinda stuck. If I can't find it in here, is there another website or forum where I can find it?


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    The last version of DS3 was, and it is no longer available to the best of my knowledge.

    You could try writing to Support using the Help button at the top of the forum, and explain what you want.

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    Also, you are a bit mistaken. It will work in ANY DS3 of that version or higher. Just not in any DS4 version.

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    Thanks folks. I just need to find a copy of DS3 so I can use Movie Maker. I'll try admin..

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    JimmyC_2009, your advice worked (thank you). Admin was kind enough to forward me a copy and problem solved. Daz rocks! The only thing I regret is not having gotten involved with all of this years ago. Time to get rendering! ^_-

    Hoping everyone has a HAPPY and productive NEW YEAR!


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