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I have been getting two sometimes three emails from Daz sales team per day. Today, I finally asked to be taken of the list. I would like to be on the list that would inform me of the progress of Carrara product developement, but if that were the case, I may not ever hear from Daz again...
OK here goes...
Being employed by a manufacturer that deals with product development, sales, and service, I know the intricacies of the business model. Maybe that is why I find it particularly aggravating when the only thing that seems aggressive is the sales effort.
I am holding out hope for a great Carrara build. There is so much potential with Carrara. Sometimes, I feel like the person who is married to a drunkard, telling myself and others over and over again, "there is so much potential, if only they would...blah, blah, blah".
It's easy to be forgiving because there is much to love about Carrara and most of us wear rose-colored glasses. But go out and read most of the last several builds of current reviews of Carrara. The 3d community looks at Carrara like the crazy uncle that lives in the basement - just a Little weird with some issues. I'm tired of that perception and I'm ready for Daz to really bring it!
Retool Bryce, retool hexagon, and incorporate them in Carrara 9 or 10 - I've been good this year and that's what I want for Christmas.

sorry for the mess - clean up on aisle 5!

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