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One final question then I'll quit. In 4.5 WHERE is the Lip Sync or Mimic Live?? I found it in Daz 3. I don't want to try and reconstruct my characters in Daz3 to get them to talk, and since 4.5 uses a different file system that won't open in 3 (not bueno). The Mimic came as part of 4.5Pro, but do I still need to purchase it separtely to get it to work. I saw the tutorial on making voice animation in 4.5, I've looked through the Plug-ins and it's shown as failed to load, unsupported. What do I do?

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    lipsync is under Windows tabs in the 32bit not the 64bit Mimic live works on both.
    you can have 32 & 64 bit installed together so long as they are the same build.
    you can render a saved 32bit lipsync project in the 64 bit version.

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    Well, I downloaded and installed the newest Daz in the 32 bit. I must say my computer is working harder than ever. I'm not impressed with the lip sync, the mouth just moves randomly as well as the eyes and head tilts. My computer must be a real piece of crap, It has such a hard time with the 32 bit,worse than the previous 64, but that one did work a bit better with my computer. I guess I'll have to do it the hard way and animate the lip sync myself, Frame by frame in Flash, it worked better and looked more believeable when I did it before without the sound. I have the book How To Draw Animation by Preston Blair with how the mouth should look with each of the letters and sounds. Nice try with the Lip Sync, but it looks like a bad cartoon when the soundtrack is out of sync. I gotta put the previous 64 bit back into the computer it did work better than the current 32. I've already seen if I put just four characters into the scene, the animation playback (with just the lip sync), they all pop in and out. They'll be there then pop out and then back in like on "Bewitched", we certainly can't have that. Or if I bring them into the scene and try to position them, they'll pop out and back in. Not bueno.... So if that is what the Mimic does I'm not going to spend the money on the software for 64 bit, if their head and eyes just move while the mouth moves at random. Not bueno. Why am I having such a hard time lately? I must be pushing Daz to do more than it can....
    I forgot I already had the 32 bit along with the 64 in the previous versions. I'll install both of them and see what happens. That version of 64 ( just worked better with my computer.
    ....a few minutes later...it turns out apparently my computer just can not handle the 32 bit, it seems to be really hard on the system. I can hear the fan whirling like crazy just to bring up a scene. It can't handle four (M4 and F4) characters all at once. The 64 brought the scene back better. But the 64 I've already learned it can not handle too much in a scene. SO the only other choice, if the scene is going to be complex filled with characters and enviroment figures (buildings, trees, streets, people,cars) I am going to have to render each of them in png and bring them into Flash in the layers, the way cartoons were done. The video "Mickael On Stage" was done in Flash, using the sequence of picture images from Daz. With the Daz, however, I can put everything in place, that will give me the proper perspective layout with everything in the scene. I already did an experiment, rendering each of the characters at straight on view and brought them into Flash and it works. SO...in Daz I can set up the scenes, rendering each piece(s) then put it/them in place in Flash for the animation. And of course, as a guide I render the whole scene as a picture to put everything in its place in Flash.
    I finally figured out how to bring a tree from Bryce into Daz.
    I love Daz, but it seems to have a limit on what it can do, with what I'm trying to do.

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    I have no idea what exactly you are saying btw???

    do you want facial mocap using morphs?
    there is a software that does that using V4 & M4, cannot recall its name or if it works with Genesis, it uses facial markers linked to morph areas but not something I personally needed as lipsync good enough for my needs.

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    I have been using MimicPro in conjuction with DS 4.5 (Win7 64) and am getting great results. I have not tried it with Genesis yet but I heard the .dmc files are out there. Will have to try using it with Genesis when I finish my current project.

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