Figure Settup and Joint Editing Videos

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I am simply making a catalog of videos that help me learn about Figure Settup and Joints... I'll add to it as I find them. If anyone knows of others, please post them... I'm doing this mostly for myself, but I figure some others will benefit from this list.

Joint Editor Overview
Part 1
Part 2

Rbtwhiz Figure Settup and Joints (5 Videos)

Rigging Modification: Joints and Weight Mapping
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (nothing works till you complete this step!!!!!)

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    Thats some good info.:coolsmile:

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    I had followed the last set, Rigging Modification and Weight Mapping... the last video where they talk about Weight Mapping left me a little... well confused. I think he kinda glossed over a critical step in weight mapping that makes everything work... I've had a very difficult time with weight mapping and figuring out how everything goes together. I can't get it to work like it does in the video.

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    I have checked these videos several times before,,(but I have never used often about figure set up tool,,)

    then I can recommend ,check these daz doucments with video tutorial,, for new user (who find this topic,,)

    the order is not problem, I think,, first watch video, then read documents,
    or first try with these documents then check video,,

    and thes is not free,, but if you get this product tutoriall by brondie is good to know about each tool,,

    I believe she has good humor sense, so it made me happy when read doucments about difficult tools^^

    ( I think it is not easy,, yes brondie said,, to know how to use, (it seems not so difficult, I believe)
    is different from to make good weight map etc what we hope,,,)

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