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4.5 zip not working
Posted: 18 December 2012 08:43 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi Guys,

I had v 4 a while back and all sorts of problems with it, and I’m returning to try v 4.5 to see if it runs better on mac.

My first interaction isn’t encouraging, as the zip file won’t open to even download it.  The zip file for 64 bit mac simply keeps copying itself when I try to open it.  I can’t open it and download daz at all.

Anyone about who knows mac and can help?


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What size is the file?

It should be over 150 MB, if it’s not then you’ve got an incomplete/corrupted download.


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Thanks mjc, but it’s sorted itself out.  I got the bug or whatever it was duplicating the zip for a dozen or so attempts to open it before I posted about it.  I came back about half an hour later and found that the zip had opened and now presented me with the install icon.  It seems to have been a delay, for some reason.  No idea why.  It’s loaded and installed okay, so not a corrupted file, just a slow-motion effect. smile  I’m in Oz, so maybe it took so long to download across the international ‘net?  That’s the only guess I have.

Thanks for responding smile