How to take Zbrush morphs from one figure to another?

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I have made some custom morphs on a Genesis base figure that I want have avaialable to other figures I create later...

How do I save Just the Zbrush sliders so I can load them on to another fresh Genesis figure later?

...Or at least copy from one figure to another if they are both loaded in to a scene?

Also... How do I remove sliders limits on ALL sliders at once? Most of the base sliders I've used go below 0 and so when copying from one figure to another, the new figure only gets Zero-ed morphs applied :(

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    Apply them one at a time, or all at once, or whatever combo you want and use File > Save As > Support Asset > DSF morph file for each variation you wish to save.

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    Once saved as a Morph Asset the morph will load with all future Genesis figures, newly loaded or from .duf scene files (old .daz scenes won't get the morph added automatically, but you can refresh the figure by applying any character preset and then undoing).

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    Your morphs will have been placed in \Data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs\Author\Product, wheer Author and product are the names you entered when saving the morph asset. Just zip that location up (including empty \Data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs\ folders), along with a read me, and put it on a file host for download. It's easier to separate your files from the rest if, when saving the asset, you use the Asset Directory option to select an otherwise empty content directory - then you just need to zip up the Data folder, and after that you can merge that data folder with the main one to leave the empty folder empty for your next project - in the screenshot I used the Beta folder, which didn't have a Data folder, for that.

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