Copying Daz3D content from Windows7 to Mac

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Hey guys,

I want to copy my Daz3D content folder from Windows7 onto my Mac. I know the folder on my Mac is called ../My Library. Inside the "My Library" folder I can see pretty much the same structure that I have in my Windows 7 content folder.

At one point I remember seeing a post about doing something like this but i could not find it again. Last time when I got help (from fixmypcmike), I was using an external drive for my content. That way both my Mac and my PC could get to the same files. Over time I found out that the external drive setup was not the right thing for me. I experienced bad performance issues. I decided therefore to install everything on my local Windows drive and then copy it over to the mac.

To make a short story long :) my question is this ......
(Since the Mac archiver cannot merge folders) Can I CUT of the "My Library" folder on my Mac, PASTE it into my Windows 7 desktop, merge the content of my Windows 7 Daz folder with the "My Library" folder on the desktop, bring the merged folders back into the Mac?

Anyone tried something like this?



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,611
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    That should work, as far as I know - though you will of course need write access to the remote computer from the active computer to be able to cut or paste..

  • BryonSpellerBryonSpeller Posts: 0
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    Thanks Richard. I have full access to both at admin level.

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