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What causes camera pivot point to get screwed up?
Posted: 17 December 2012 11:41 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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Hi cwichura…

The behaviour with the view through the camera (perspective or camera) is, well, normal… tongue rolleye

The view pivot point in based on the viewport center… not the scene, world or node center…

I know that it may seem like one minute the view is orbiting around what you are working on and the next everything seems to fly off out of view, but that is because the object that you were looking at is no longer centered on all axis’ in the viewport…

As an example, with Genesis in the scene, reset the default view… now select the left hand and zoom in a little and move it to the center of the viewport… now orbit your view and the hand will move out of view… that’s because you only sort of centered it along the x-axis view and not along the z and y-axis views also…

You can see this by clicking on the Front, Left and Top views on the camera cube… the hand is not in the center of the viewport… once centered in all three views, the view will orbit around it…

Now you can manually center the hand on all view axis’ or you can target the view to the hand… either by bounding box Frame or Target as Hiro Protagonist said… if Frame gives you trouble, than use Target, as that doesn’t zoom the view…

I hope this made sense… smile

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