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Hi I just purchased MorphMaster Pro, I cant get teh SW program to load figures in order to use it. I have followed the documentation and have hit a wall. It bombs the program when ever I load a figure into it.

Is this compatable with Poser 9?

On a related question, what is the best way to create custom morphs, what SW the morph tool in Poser seems limited in how fine you can change body parts. ? Thank you


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    So the application is running, just not loading a figure? Which figure are you using - Poser 9 introduced a new rigging system and I would not expect that to work in older utilities, or not well, but figures using the older rigging system should work OK.

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    Hi thanks for the reply, yes the app runs but I try and load base V4 and it crashes hard.

    I wish DAZ would list comparability for SW like this in the store :(

    Is there a tool like this to create customer face / lip / mouth morphs or is it time to learn Hex or Zbrush for that now?


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    Return it immediately, and get your money back to spend on something else.

    I own Morph Master Pro 2.0, and I almost purchased the upgrade to 2.5 thinking the author updated the software to work with Gen 4 figures (V4, M4, etc.).

    Unfortunately, this was not the case, and you only will be able to use it with pre-Gen4 figures like Aiko3, Hiro3, Posette, and Dork. It isn't a Poser thing, I used with Poser 4, and Poser 6. It errors out at Gen4 figures, because author did not update to support them.

    Even if it did work with Gen4, and above, it is an antiquated morphing system that is long, and convoluted based on stacks. You are better off with free solutions out there that make quick work of morphing/sculpting work such as Hexagon (free as of now), Sculptris, Blender, Wings3D, and etc.

    Good luck...

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