Full body morphs for single body parts

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I am curious if it's possible in Daz 4.5 to use full body morphs on single body parts. For example, I like the Anubis facial morphs for genesis but i don't want the body morphs along with it. Is there any way to accomplish this?


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    I did some similar for V4:
    I selected the body and applied
    v4 to 1
    then selected the head and applied
    v4 to -1
    so I have v4 body and genesis head

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    When I select the Genesis Base in the scene I have all of the morphs, but when I select the head specifically many morphs disappear...is that normal?

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    With Genesis the mesh belongs to the root node - "Genesis" rather than a body part - and so a morph is just a single thing, not a series of things applied to different parts. If the morph came with sub-morphs, as Anubis does for the ehad and body and, I think, legs, then you can use those but if it hasn't been set up that way by the maker you can't do it in DS. You could take the morphed and unmorphed versions of Genesis to an application that allows matching selected parts of one mesh to another (Background morph in modo or Lightwave, for example) to create your own custom morph that you would load with Morph Loader pro but in some cases that may be a lot of work, if for example there are a lot of correction morphs to make the expressions work or if body parts are moved so that the rigging needs to be adjusted.

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    When I select the Genesis Base in the scene I have all of the morphs, but when I select the head specifically many morphs disappear...is that normal?

    Yes, what you are seeing is normal. What you are seeing when you select the head are "Pose Controls" rather than shape morphs: they control movement of certain parts rather than the overall shape of them (and in the head they control expressions). Certain nodes (head, hands and feet) have special posing properties and these are only available when that node is selected, and then you will see that shape morphs are not available, even when they affect only that body part. Shapes properties are stored under "Actor" (the whole figure) and only show up when the Genesis root is selected. So, you can't dial shapes when a body part is selected, and you can't access pose controls on a single body part, like the head, when all of Genesis is selected. This is the way the figure is set up.
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    Ok thanks for all the help, now i have a better idea of what I can do.

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    Just a clarification—although I'm sure you realize—this is the Parameters tab I'm talking about. You can dial shapes in the Shaping tab whether the whole figure or just a part is selected.

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    if the product has no head morph, but it has full body morph,
    you can take out only head shape morph from full body morph.

    I tried same things before by editing obj file directly, but there was more good way.:red:

    As Richard said, if you have good 3d tool, you can do it easy.

    if you use Blender , you can do it by "shape key" and Blend from shape key.
    you can copy vertices of head node only and use it as new morph.
    I tried and tested it before.

    but if you have only hexagon (as you know it is free good 3d modelor now)
    you can spilit only head morph from full body morph too.
    but you may need some steps to spilit it about hexagon.

    eg Faerie is one of character morph in monster morph sets. but the character has not head part morph.
    and not ear morph too,,. but I made them from Farie full body morph by hexagon and morph loder pro.
    (though you may need to smooth around neck (joint part) in hexagon,,the head shape is perfect same )

    if you really hope to know how to make it,, I can tell you ,,;-)
    but need many steps. (not difficult but need careful work to keep vertex order, )

    you may need to understand how to use morph loader pro with reverse option too.

    but As Richard said, you may need to adjust rig for the new shape, and ERC freeze,
    for expression or pozing, and need to reshape around joint part (neck part) in hexagon..

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