How to save eye location when spawning new morphs? (Michael 4/Poser 2012)

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Looking for some help, please. Hope this is the right area...

So I'm attempting to "re-create" myself with Michael 4. I've loaded up some morphs, spun the dials to shift the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. around, and then afterwards, I select the head and go to "Spawn Morph Target". I give it a name, and then I've got my very own dial for my custom face.

I set all the rest of the dials back to zero, and then set my custom morph to 1. It works great for the actual face itself. But the eyes don't move with the eyeholes, nor do the teeth/inner mouth move with the mouth. How do I get those to move to their correct places as well? I've posted a screenshot of what I mean.

Also, is there a morph to make the jawline/chin less pronounced? I don't have a chiseled jawline or prominent chin, my chin just kinda curves into my neck, and no morph that I can find from the Morphs++ pack seems to have the type of morphs I need. Enclosed a pic to show what I'm talking about.

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    Do you have to spawn a single morph? If you just want single-dial access to your settings you could use the Create full body morph option to create a master dial that will set all the morphs, thus keeping the eye ERC for positioning.

    I'm pretty sure that there was at least one soften jaw-line morph, but I can't recall which pack(s) it was in.

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    Thanks for the response. Sorry it took so long to reply, busy Christmas season.

    I kinda wanted to spawn a single morph just so it would be easy to inject it when I wanted to. The Create Full Body Morph didn't seem to affect anything, but I was probably doing something wrong there.

    I basically ended up just giving up and saving the character to my library with all the morph dials set as I wanted them. I'll know before I start the image whether I want to use myself in the picture, so I'll just load the me character and be done with it. :)

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