Any tips on creating this guy?

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So, a friend uses this character for rp - a fellow Daz user - and I'd like to help him recreate it as perfectly as possible 3D wise! I know the best method for this is probably manual tweaking, but are there any good morphs I can use as a base? Any good skin to use? The clothes aren't too important, but can anyone recommend any hair? I tried using Hermes hair, but the black texture looks terribly unrealistic in Reality, I've found, and tweaking it's a nightmare! I want to recreate the skin/hair/face as closely as possible, so any help would be appreciated!

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    Hiro are especially made for anime/manga stuff so :)
    Found a nice base to work with, it's just an example of the many Hiro stuff:

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    Hmm, orion hair is close, I agree.

    Maybe taylor hair? I don't know if it can adjust to produce that single spike in front though. It is a newer hair, so may render well.

    Also, might try a fair female skin and with no makeup and see how it might render.

    This character also appears to be very thin, and probably longer proportions, so you might try a more model character height.

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    If you use, say, Hiro for Genesis, or the Hiro 4 morph on M4, I'd actually suggest about 20% of Hiro on Gen, or 50% of Hiro Realistic on M4... pure Hiro is TOO cartooney for that character.

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    I would use Genesis and use Victoria 4's head as a stating point

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    Yeah, maybe a mix of the Victoria 4 head and Hiro 5? I'd try Pyrit Hair (not perfect, but it might work), and I agree with SereneNight--use a female skin. Maybe Elite Valerie.

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    Thank you -all- for the feedback, you're helping immensely! I'm thinking myself that Taylor Hair might be the way to go! I'm also thinking of trying to transfer Gossamer to Genesis, for the body alone! Since the character -is- very effeminate looking, the Valerie skin might be the way to go! Hopefully there's an option without make up, though...*Laughs* Thank you all! I'll post the result when I get finished it to show what you all helped create! xD

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    Valerie's promo images are kind of misleading, since most of them show the character with heavy makeup. The product does also include no makeup and lighter makeup options.

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    I'm familiar with Togainu no Chi* (a "game" and an anime) and this character is not particularly feminine. This looks like a girl cosplaying to me, so if you want this exact look I agree with using Victoria as a starting point. If you want something more masculine, whilst still retaining a similar feel, I'd suggest Keath by Lajsis from Rendo. This is a character for M4/H4.

    I used this character in the attached render, but transferred the shape using Gen X to Genesis (as I no longer use Gen 4 figures). The hair I used is PH Casual from DAZ.

    * sometimes translated as "The Blood of the Reprimanded Dog", but this an awkward translation for a phrase that can't be felicitously translated.

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    Thank you very much! I think that's the anime character who I'm trying to 3Dize, haha! And see, I am having problems with the whole effeminity thing - after a while of morphing, I've applied the Valerie skin, and...Well, he doesn't look feminine, he just looks female all together. This Kaeth, though, looks perfect! Exactly the look I'm going for! I just need to tweak the eyes, make them a big bigger and thicker lashed! Awesome, thanks! =D

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    After some tweaks on the eyes to make them...erm, not asian, and attempts at softening the jawline, I've got the look -just- what I wanted thanks to all you guys! My friend's going to love this! You can't tell from this picture, but I'm using the All Time Hair! It looks terrible from the back but I'll tweak it as needed, haha!

    Thank you all!!

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    Hmm....The lips are pinker than I'd like...TIME FOR MORE TWEAKING.

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