Resetting Certain Morph Targets

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Probably a dumb question, but let's say I want to use part of a creature morph, let's say a creature face without the creature pointy ears--is there a way to dial in the morph for the face but have it not morph the ears? So can you have a particular head morph only act on certain areas but ignore others, or is it all or nothing? Since the morph is a single slider, how would that be done?


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    Which base figure is this for?

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    Also, which creature morphs are you using?

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    I have the creature creator for Genesis and also the older one for M4 V4 so the question applies to either/both. I just always used the full slider and never thought about using a part of a morph (or even if it was possible in either of the creature morph packages to do partials).

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    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Unfortunately, the head is a single bodypart, so a morph's value is distributed over it pretty universally. What you'd need it to be is a combination of morphs, whereby the "creature head" dial is actually an ERC controller for a no-ears (or bat-ears, or hound-dog ears...) morph and a separate beak or muzzle morph, and a third for the skull shape. I don't have any of the creature packs you mention, but most of the creature and beast headmorphs I've seen use just one MT for the entire head. Some older versions of Poser used to be able to split a trunk morph symmetrically (so that a no-ears morph becomes two that each remove one ear), but if it's not in the original product, you'll have a hard time making that sort of mix/match work.

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    GenX can bring in things like that, it's a bit tedious, since you first have to bring in the morph and then go through a swarm of checkboxes until you find the one you want to get rid of and set it to zero.

    Might work best for the V4 or M4 versions. But I think you might be able to export a .cr2 from Genesis and import that.

    (Managed to get A3 Sylfie in without the elf ears through that route.)

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