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Duplicate IDs were found
Posted: 03 June 2012 04:14 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Sorry to keep you folks busy, but I came across another issue I can’t solve on my own.

The log information says the following:

Duplicate id “BewitchingDress” found in file “/data/Debra R/Bewitching for Genesis/Bewitching Dress/BewitchingDress.dsf”
File loaded in 0 min 2.0 sec.
Loaded file: Bewitching Dress.dsf

It does this for the following items:

Bewitching for genesis
Defiant for genesis
G-Suit for genesis
Royal Elf for genesis

I uninstalled and re-installed, but it didn’t seem to help

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Posted: 03 June 2012 04:25 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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Either reset the item to get a fresh, fixed, download or go to the index of free scripts in my sig and grab my scruipt to fix the copies you have. This is a known issue.


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