Colors For Wild Orchid Hair- Poser Files Only But Said For Poser / DS

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Colors for Wild Orchid Hair - Part 2 - Poser Files - exe - pc
Colors for Wild Orchid Hair Part 2 - Poser Files - zip - mac
Colors for Wild Orchid Hair - Colors for Wild Orchid Hair - Part 1 - Poser Files - exe - pc
Colors for Wild Orchid Hair - Colors for Wild Orchid Hair - Part 1 - Poser Files - zip - mac

I did a search in the forums and nothing came up- I can't imagine I am the first one to encounter that I bought this for Daz and it says poser files only. These don't work in DS, correct?

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    Daz is a marvelous piece of software which is compatible with a vast range of Poser products, just as Poser is compatible with a lot of Daz products. In short, the files should load perfectly fine in the latest version of Daz. I am still using the majority of my original Poser Runtime files since making the (now permanent) switch to Daz Studio 4.5 and have had no issues loading any items in so far.

    Just be sure to look in the Content Library for your items, as there may not be any Metadata installed for it.

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    I've noticed this is the case with lots of the colors for hair. It should be under your runtime-->pose folder. If there's a gold box around the material icon with a little scroll in the upper corner, then that means the material (hair color) has the proper DS settings.

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    dont laugh, I don't know where to find the runtime/pose folder? (I havent done hardly anything in studio yet)

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    No worries, been there, done that. :) Fairly recently, too. In the Content Library tab, not the Smart Content tab, you'll find a list: Daz Studio Formats, Poser Formats, Other Import Formats, Products, and Categories. The Daz Studio Formats is where you find all your Genesis content by clicking on Daz Studio Formats--> People-->Genesis. Some older products will have just the DS materials under the Daz Studio Formats, while the actual loadable object is in the Poser runtime. To get there, click on Poser Formats-->My Library. Figures are generally characters with moving parts while props generally don't move. All materials that work for Daz Studio will be found under Pose. The materials tab is entirely for poser materials and won't look good in Daz Studio. To find your product, you have to look at the readme. That will tell you where all the files are put for all products.

    In this case, your files are found in Poser Format-->My Library-->Pose-->Wild Orchid_Hair. (Actually, that may be the original product, and I don't have the colors product. The readme isn't online, so you'll have to go into your computer and click on the readme folder found in the daz3d/mylibrary folder to find it. Or, you could do a search for "wild orchid" or "orchid" in the search bar of the content library. If you hover your mouse over the right file, the file pathway will show up, which will tell you where to find it. Or, you can right click on the icon and click "browse to file location."

    Anyway, I use the content library extensively to categorize everything so I can use all my V4 stuff on Genesis, etc., and have all the mat files together with the loadable file.

    Let me know if it's as clear as mud. :)

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    I just happen to have an image of the route handy:

    550 x 175 - 29K
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    @ Novica, if you check the "what's included" section of the product page, you will see at the bottom it lists DS material presets, and as there is only one installer that means they are in beside the Poser material files.
    Back in the early days of DS2 the devs allowed us to see and load DS presets from the Poser directories, so long as there was a PZ2 with the same name, shortly after that DAZ stopped creating separate installers and combined them. It's only recently that separate installers have started appearing again, and that's down to Genesis.

    @ HeraldOfFire, you do know that no Poser content is compatible with DS and it never has been, it has to be converted into something DS can use, even Poser seriously out of date rigging has to be converted into something we can use, hell even the textures don't get used, they have to be converted into TDL files for 3Delight. As far as Poser materials go, you had better hope it's all from the old ProPack or it's predecessor Poser 4, otherwise it's going to look crap in DS.

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    Okay, what threw me was "runtime." I've been in the poser library and used the readmes (because one time we couldnt find something in the daz section- we went to the readmes and said "Ohhhhhhhhh....poser library? We don't have poser." But whatever, if they're there, and it works, goody. But that's as much as I knew :) so you folks have been a GARGANTUAN help with the other info.

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