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Two Carrara Problems (Bugs?) - Right Clicking Objects & Hiding 3D View

Steve KSteve K Posts: 1,351
edited December 1969 in Carrara Discussion

1. I right click to see a hidden object, i.e. its behind another object, and about half the time I get taken to the model room to modify the object in front. All I want to see are the objects behind the front object, not model anything. It seems that if I right click VERY quickly, i.e. don't hold the mouse button for more than a split second, it doesn't happen, but I'm not sure. Can I turn this "switch to model room" off? I can't find anything in the program settings ...

2. Say I have a spot light "pointed at" an object, and maybe lighting that object "Only". Then I unclick the "Show in 3D View" box so I can work on the scene without the spot light symbol in the way. Most of the time, the light is no longer pointed at the object, i.e. I have to reclick the "Show in 3D View" (and the light typically is pointed straight down), then move it slightly so it is again "Pointed At" the object. But I cannot hide the light in the 3D view and maintain the "Point At" setting? Workaround suggestions?

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