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Hair moves when blown by a breeze, or when a head violently turns. Is there a way to mimic moving (moved) hair in DAZ? Not looking for animation, just still images.

Also, is there a prop for sweat on the body? Not flying sweat, like in Fight Club Poses, but heavy sweat from heat or exertion.


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    Many of the Hair items have morphs sliders which can be used to look like the hair is being blown by the wind. Select the hair you are using, and then look in the Parameters pane to see what is available. There is also some Dynamic hair available on the Optitex site which will work with the Dyanmic Clothing Control to give those kind of effects, but DS does not have dynamic hair built in like Poser has.

    The sweat thing, there are textures for sale in the Store here called 'Wet Maps', and I have some for V4 I believe. The give the appearance of moisture drops on the skin. Genesis can use V4 maps by default.

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    Of those, I have Jewels and Tears, and the water maps on that set work quite well. There's also a V4 version. Either would work on Genesis if you used the method of conforming one Genesis to another.

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    The orca maid product also comes with a very good wet skin texture.

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