OctaneRender 1.0 available

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Got a news post about it here, anyone using Octane with Carrara?
Got any renders to show?



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    I haven't tried Octane, but on a related note, Blender also has an "unbiased" engine called "Cycles." It has some similarities to Octane, except it's free. It supports GPU or CPU rendering, depending on your GPU card, (just nVidia at the moment) you can pick which is faster for you, or use CPU if your card isn't supported.

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    I've been using it for a while.

    Octane seems to have trouble with Carrara's smoothing (or lack of it), though, so I export the object from Carrara, import it into DS, then export it again as an obj, and then import the mesh into Octane. Opacity maps get lost for some reason and have to be added manually.

    I like the results. Also, word on the Otoy forums is that someone will develop a Carrara plugin for Octane as soon as they're finished with the DS one.

    http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/media/folder_235/file_2343826.jpg is a render I did a long while ago on my 'rosity gallery.

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    The opacity maps issue is a relatively new bug that came out during the 1.0 RC time frame. Hopefully it will get fixed soon, they were quick with point updates prior to going to 1.0 so hopefully they will continue.

    Been using octane for about 3 months and I do like it's results.

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