Help with Toon Alien with Mimic (classroom project)

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Thank you in advance to anyone able to offer some guidance!

I have started a small project with a group of my grade 6 students where we'd like to import a short animation of a Toon Alien we purchased in the Daz store ( saying a few things using Mimic Lite and then use him in a short space video they have created using green screen in Sony Vegas... I have discovered how to import the Toon Alien into Mimic lite but only the head moves around with the audio file loaded...The mouth doesn't move at all. In DS I am able to manipulate everything around the Alien's mouth including the mouth, tongue, etc... there are even sliders for emotions that allow me to manipulate the mouth further... Long story short, Alien has a mouth, it can move... Why is it not cooperating in Mimic?

if all else fails I will try this method (does this only work with 32bit version?) : but it seems very time consuming... With a school day already squeezed for instructional time, I'd love for this to work so that others may benefit in their future productions...

thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks again for anyone who can make any suggestions!

Take care!

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    I do not have the toon alien. However, I did at one point have Mimic. I do know that mimic was designed to work with legacy phenomes that were designated from Poser, and I'm pretty sure those phenomes exist with Genesis.

    I would do this: try Mimic with Genesis, which comes free with DS. If it works, then you'll know the phenomes in the toon alien may not be designed to work with Mimic.

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    Yes, lipsynch is only available in the 32 bits versions of DS, but you can install them alongside the 64 bits version and they shouldn't conflict as long as they are in different folders.
    Mimic Lite requires CR2 (i.e. the old Poser format), and thus doesn't work with Genesis. I am not certain but I think I recall there used to be a dmc (mimic configuration file) for the Toon Alien, but it's not available on the store page anymore, like most other similar free add-ons. You can try contacting DAZ (Help->Contact Us) and request the dmc file, or you can try doing it manually in Mimic. I have the full version I am not sure if Mimic Lite allows the creation of dmc files.

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