Smart Content and DSF files??

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I am really confused right now. I know that at one time my Gorilla for Genesis showed up in the Smart content. Now however, it does not, nor does any character .dsf files. Did this change?


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    What version of DS are you using? The latest non-beta version is This version uses the new DUF format for most things, and I don;t have the gorilla so I can't check. You may need to reset the Gorilla in your Itemised Order History to get the latest version.

    You can also go to the drop-dwon menu in the Contant Library tab, and select DB Maintenance > Re-import Metadata, and that might get things back to normal.

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    Yeah I was a little confused by that too. Now I have to load Genesis and then load the Gorrila preset as shown below. I am using DS4.5.1.6 and the latest updated Gorilla for Genesis (1.1)

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    In 4.5, it seems, a character preset (one which loads an instance of Genesis) must be of type "Actor" in order to appear without Genesis being selected. Assets of type "Character" only appear when Genesis is selected.

    I tested it with my Mr Hyde (which I haven't updated). The Mr Hyde preset is labelled with the type "Character", so it only shows when Genesis is selected, although it loads Genesis. I used the Content DB Editor to change the type to "Actor", and now it appears at all times in Smart Content (and loads Genesis as Mr Hyde).

    I think the "Character" type is intended for presets that don't load a figure but modify an existing instance of Genesis. Those that do load figures should be typed as "Actor".

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    Thanks. I wondered if things had changed in 4.5 and I suspected actor/character was the problem. There are some I would prefer to see in the smart content, so I will change type for this and a few others.

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