Grace in Motion Poses for Stephanie 5 [Commercial]

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My "Grace in Motion Poses for Stephanie 5" set has been released with an introductory discount of 50% (to make up for the fact that it didn't get onto the shop fast enough to be in the PA sale).

The set contains: 20 full body poses + mirrored version of each + extracted hand poses (27 right and 27 left) -- complete with DSON files... Available now in the DAZ Shop.

Simple close-up renders of each pose available here( warning nudity).

I can post images of the 27 + 27 hand poses if anybody wants to see those... but they are the same used in the poses you see here.

Feedback is very welcome, I will be working on a followup set called "Grace in Repose" which features Stephanie 5 kneeling/sitting/laying on the floor in various ways... I will try to incorporate any feedback into future sets :-)

667 x 1000 - 191K
667 x 1000 - 223K
667 x 1000 - 209K
667 x 1000 - 243K
665 x 1000 - 141K


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    The 5 attachment limit made me need a second post...

    667 x 1000 - 155K
    667 x 1000 - 114K
    665 x 1000 - 127K
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    A quick note to say today is the last chance to take advantage of the 50% discount introductory offer on this pose set.

    Thank-you to everyone who supported my first DAZ brokered product :-)

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