Jingle Hat Xtras

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For the Faerie Dream's free Jingle Hat V4.

Download HERE. Additional info/previews also HERE. For DS3 + and Poser 6 +.

Included are ten hat textures and four metallic colors each for the jingle bell and jingle ball. Also includes fits for A4, H4, M4, K4, K4-Toddler, and 3DU's Sadie and Sam. The Sadie/Sam fits are a little iffy, but they get the job done. :) You'll probably need to do some adjusting on the other fits depending on face morphs, especially with H4 or A4.

The Poser files were created with the Poser Mat Creator utility. Since I only use DS3, they weren't tested in Poser. Hopefully everything works okay.

Happy Holidays!

(( Edited to add a new fit for Hein: http://www.redeyecat.com/jinglehatxtras-hein.zip ))

750 x 482 - 334K
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