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Simple way for programmers to render model without empty spaces on all sides. 
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I want to make an image series of a model and its animation.

There is nothing in the scene other than the one model and the clothing and weapon attached to them.

I want it to measure the maximum distance it goes to one side or the other, and then cut out everything else past that point.  Seems like that’d be simple enough to do from a programming stand point.  Go through animation sequence, check the X,Y positions of the model, and record the maximum distance in each direction.  Render only that area.

Opinions please.  Wouldn’t this be a nice thing to have?  Wouldn’t it be quick and easy to program in?

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It would be easier if you just had the camera track the model.

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In the viewport, there is a little icon (usually upper corner) that looks like a lined sheet of paper with an arrow next to it…

Click on it and select “Show Aspect Frame”.

Then under Render Settings > Advanced set the size.  Then use the various positioning tools, in the viewport (dot with curved arrow…pan, 4 way arrow…tilt to center your character…then render.  If you are doing an animation, set it up so that you are rendering to ‘image series’ and that ‘frame’ will be your boundaries…so you could have the character ‘walk’ across the screen from outside the frame and only those movements that take place within the frame will be captured.

Obviously, it works better for ‘in place’ animations….or ones where the camera is tracking the movement.

If you use png as your ‘save’ format and have a black background (or other color, but there can be ‘ghosting’ of edges with other colors) then you will get just the character showing as the background will be rendered to the alpha channel…


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How do I make the camera track the model?  I have a camera and a camera target, but how to set the target to be the model?

Would that hold everything perfectly still though if he only moved in place?

I click the icon that says:

Camera: frame (LMB)  Aim (RMB)

I lock the X Y Z of the walking model, to make him walk in place.  The images rendered isn’t just the model, but also a large empty area around it for the transparent background.  I want to eliminate that unnecessary bits.

Having trouble doing this now since I keep having my renderer lock up with an odd error about an “unsupported hit mode”.  Googling for this error message and “daz3d” shows no results.  Little help please.

I enter in numbers in the render menu to make a narrower area around the object, but does that affect the final size also?  Any measurement system, a way to make a ruler appear showing how big it’ll be once rendered?  I type in 7 and 10 and it surrounds the object fine.  Get rid of the excess on the horizontal plane anyway.  Probably still empty space above and below.