Move = Hot Point without Caps lock on ?

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I know this is going to be a dumb one, but it has me stopped in my tracks.
I did something that causes Carrara to react as if caps lock was on, and it isn't.
I'm running Windows 7, so there is a clear on screen Icon when caps lock status has changed.
I see it go on and off when I toggle it.
But Carrara is only moving Hot Points not objects as if I had Caps lock on.
Do you know something else I could have done to cause this behavior. It happens with any project I load.
A reboot didn't Help.
( wish Carrara's manual had a better search function)
Thanks So much


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    Did you modify or add a keyboard shortcut? It may be a PITA, but have you tried resetting Carrara's preferences?

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    I don't see any "on-screen notification" when CAPS LOCK is on or off on my system,. so, that part could be related to the type of Keyboard (hardware) you8;re using but makes me consider if this keyboard, can also have "Custom" Shot-cuts' which can override a game's or programs.

    I'm also using Win 7 Pro 64 bit

    I've never heard of this issue where you have no ability (using caps lock) to Lock / unlock the hotspot,. As Evil producer mentions, this is a DEFAULT setting in Carrara,.. and unless you've overwritten that by adding a CUSTOM key or short-cut,. then I can't see why this would happen.

    If a system reboot doesn't fix it, and you've not added a customised Short-cut,.
    Then your only solution is to reset your preferences file

    Hope some of that's helpful.

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    Thanks guys I got it.
    Prior I was trying to experiment with " Bones" but gave up deleted the bones and I left " Lock Children" on. That did it.

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