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Since my short stay with DAZ I already collected a few hundred items.
Some were in bundles or purchased sepperately and there are items (especially girly stuff) that I will hardly or never use.
An idea sprang to mind to gift those items to a friend and deinstall them myself of course.

Can I do that?
It would be awesome to regift some for Xmas :)

LOL, I see that I was logged in under my husbands account...this is Estroyer!

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    The EULA prohibits it.

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,765
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    Simple answer is No you can't do that. Sorry.

    This is stated in the DAZ 3D EULA, which you agree to every time you run an installer. EULA

  • EstroyerEstroyer Posts: 2,049
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    Aww, I'll read into it then :(
    Thanks for your responses though!

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