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Carrara Shaders conversion into Unity3D
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I am trying to create content for my Unity3D based project and I have hard time get it out of Carrara. FBX animations seems not to be working, there are some problems with geometry (mostly on duplicated and then transformed objects) but the biggest problem is to deal with Carrara shaders…they are not compatible with Unity3D and all I get is ugly looking textures. Can’t find any documentation at the Unity3D site, seems there is no info in Carrara forum as well.

Anyone has pointers tips etc. how to transfer complex shaders to Unity3D with some sort of fidelity ? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi PLahoda smile

For the FBX issues,. try the free Auto-desk FBX converter
there are many different flavours of FBX, ...find out which ones your program supports best

For shaders, those rely on the shader engine of the program,

if you want carrara procedural shaders in another program,. then you need to convert the shader into an image format.
For example: Adding a plane,. Applying your shader, and exporting the plane as an OBJ will give you the option to convert that shader into an image

There’s also “Baker” which will export complex procedural shaders, to image files.

Hope it helps