Must need , clear official manuall about daz studio 4.5

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I think,,DAZ need not so many products any more. untill U your small or big company make and finish official manuall.
it is just my opnion.

Usually,, the lack of manuall is menas the product can not be recoginized as true product which can offer.

it is just beta. yes so it is free.

but U sold many items for daz studio. How long will you need to make Manuall about your product
when you finish ?

U like to plan many CM or many discount option,, but before try them,, just make manuall about your tool
for your product which earn money.


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    Part of the problem is that the team doing the dev work aren't writers...well, code-monkeys can write, but not in a way a 'normal' human can understand. And unfortunately, DAZ's Babel fish died...

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    I believe,, even if BABEL FISH still alive, he or she can not translate anything without WILL to offer it.

    so DAZ need not Babel fish, just need Will or

    without strong WILL , DAZ can not go out from the cave , like BANANA FISH (will die)

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    A good program documentation consists typically of 2 parts.
    The reference part in which every control is described with full details (not very useful for newbies but the bible for old timed users for seldom used properties) and a very detailed tutorial (more details than the DAZ Youtube tutorials because they are more of the type how to get a predefined result and what are the new features and less an introduction in how to use DAZ Studio. - The Dreamlight tutorials are in this topic a lot of better, but I think we need something on paper so that every user can work in his own speed.)

    You are right, only the reference part could be written by the developers. For the tutorial part you need a very good teacher - or some newbies under the supervision of an expert which they can ask, whenever problems occur.

    Therefore my strange sounding idea: Get some interested newbies for a (costless) one-week seminar. Give them the program, the video tutorials, the products and the opportunity to ask the experts and let them describe how they get to their own results (not a replay of the tutorial), which problems they had and how they have fixed them. These reports are in most cases a very good foundation for the needed tutorial in the documentation. OK, in most cases they must translated in fluent English and illustrated with the correct pictures - but they show what for a newbie is important and what is only nice to have. (I use this procedure for the creation of the user-documentation in our warehouse management system, whenever it's possible and it works {mostly} very well.)

    With best regards

    Thomas G.M. Mainka

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