Smart Content Is Being Dumb!

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Hi guys,

I have installed many items and have only just started using smart content, but so many things aren't there, I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.

I'm going to use the new Daz Horse 2 as an example. I have installed him and he is accessible via the content library just fine, but he isn't available in Smart Content. I have been informed by others that he is in their Smart Content list so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Steps I've taken:
* Made sure the CMS is running.
* Re-Imported the MetaData.
* Uninstalled the horse and reinstalled.
* Right clicked on the horse in the content library, then selected Show In > Smart Content > Files and also Show In > Smart Content > Products.

Am using DS Pro 64 Bit on Windows 7. Although I use the horse as an example, there are other items which are missing too such as the Diner Food 1 set.

Until I get Mr Ed to show up in DS I can't use him in Carrara, which is my goal.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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