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Daz Studio - Which new computer should I buy?
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Thanks for your answer,

You’re right, the pose of Vanessa is a bit weird, if we look her left leg for exemple. The truth is that pose was one for a pack and I just customize it just a bit, only her right arm (the original pose looked like a military salutation!). Even I told before I worked more on all the pic, I didn’t spend time enough on the girl pose. I think the ankle’s weird visual effect is amplified, increased more by the shadow on the right part of the pic (and so, the left side of all her leg). I didn’t noticied that on the 3d preparation because I turned off lights!^^

My objective, my goal for that render was more a work about light, shadows in an economic way, and in a less important part, real photographic effects (blur and focal) to avoid a 2 hours render.
I worked too on skin effect, and light refraction, to avoid an opacity effect, and I’m quite happy of my settings with this body and skin texture!

But even I tried to work on a lot of parameters, you’re right, I should have worked more!

Thanks for the advices!


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@Proxima: I generally google for the complete computer model string then add “max” and “ram” as search terms. Which usually gives the answer in only a few hits. You can also try “number of memory slots” or similar, which should give a pretty good idea of the maximum RAM.

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