Help me with Content Creator Tool please.

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Hello. I am pretty new with 3d modeling. This is the only free software I can start with. I have watched videos etc. But when they open DS4.5 they have 3d models available. I also read that there is build in CCT in DS4.5 so I dont need to download one. But I dont see any 3d model available for me. The screen is empty. Smart content files are empty. How can I start when I dont see a 3d model. :( Please help. Thank you. Is there something that I am missing? Please help. I want to make clothes for 3d avatars.

1360 x 768 - 106K


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    Have you also downloaded and installed the GenesisStarterEssentials ? That package contains the genesis base figure and some other content.

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    No I havent download that one but I will asap and check if same problem. Thank you for the reply though/

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