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I am trying to figure out how to add realistic lighting affects to over head lights. For example, having real lights mounted in the ceiling of a set and being able to show them illuminated. Not just using a spot light source that lights up the scene from overhead. If that makes sense.

I have been through the tutorials on YouTube but can not find anything specific to this.

Any help would be good. Thanks!


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    I think this is the effect you're looking for ?
    In the surfaces tab, i used the ambient color and ambient strength of the flashlight's lens cap to make it light up.

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    All depends on what look you want.

    As BlackFeather1973 correctly suggest increaing the Ambient Strength in the Surfaces pane is the quick and easy.

    or like I did below was to use one point and two spots per light bulb and ambient on the light bulbs themselves.

    The point light just sits on top of the light bulb, one spot above the point light, pointing upward and one spot under the light bulb glass facing downward,

    I diid this for every light glass cowl in the image.

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