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Mannequin face

spswaffordspswafford Posts: 128
edited December 1969 in New Users

I picked up the M5/V5 bundle which includes

I'm setting up a new scene and all my figure have mannequin face (expressionless).

I've looked around in Daz, but I cannot find any expression presets or sliders.

Can anyone tell me where they are hiding?



  • niccipbniccipb Posts: 483
    edited December 1969


    You can find the expressions on the head... select Genesis' head and expand the Pose Controls > Head in the Parameters or Posing panes...

    Hope this helps... :)

  • spswaffordspswafford Posts: 128
    edited December 1969

    Yes, that helped. Thanks.

    Found them under Pose and Animate. Had to add the Parameters tab.

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