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Watch Your 30 Days For Refunds- The Itemized Order History, My Downloadables-  Gives You Extra Day You May Not Have
Posted: 03 December 2012 08:30 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I just ordered Monday, Dec 3rd, at 8:25 PM Central Time. In Itemized History, I immediately checked, and it says Dec 4th.  So does My Downloadables.  BUT MY ORDERS SAYS DEC 3.

No way ANYWHERE in the United States would it be past midnight and become the 4th. So when you are calculating if it is within 30 days, depending on what Daz uses-  the Itemized History and My Downloadables date may screw you up. It’s done this for months on mine. Check a couple of your orders vs Itemized / Downloadables and see if you get the same differences in dates.


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