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Drowning out the background - what technique please?

ToobisToobis Posts: 353
edited December 1969 in The Commons

This is for Daz 3.

I am wanting to do an image where a persons face is in the front of the image very clear and street lighting in the background is not clear and blurred. Like in this image from a Jet Li movie (in pic) the light behind him is blurred while his face in the foreground is focused. Is there some sort of method for blurring the background and making clear the foreground?

How could such a thing be done please? thanks

720 x 576 - 23K


  • jmperjmper Posts: 247
    edited December 2012

    Depth of field.
    1)Someone proficient in Studio would need to explain it. I can explain it in Poser but not Studio.
    2)Photoshop or Gimp (or similar). Render the figure and background separate, usually saving the image out as .png. Layer in one of the programs and blur the background.

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  • RawArtRawArt Posts: 3,446
    edited December 1969

    I have a quick and dirty tut for using Depth of Field in D/S here:


  • Miss BMiss B Posts: 3,058
    edited December 1969

    Thanks for the link Rawn. I haven't tried DOF in DS 4 yet, so it will come in handy. :-)

  • RawArtRawArt Posts: 3,446
    edited December 1969

    Miss B said:
    Thanks for the link Rawn. I haven't tried DOF in DS 4 yet, so it will come in handy. :-)

    I have to say...the DOF is the only reason I like rendering in d/s LOL
    It was always a bugger to set up dof in poser, and even when you did it didnt look good.
    But in d/ is very nice to work with.

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 9,989
    edited December 1969

    there is also some helpful info about DOF here

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