How significant is the accuracy of the ID in the asset_info of a .duf file?

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So I just purchased the NYC texture set for dx30's Rope Sandals. Unfortunately, DAZ QA did not enforce the usual convention of putting material presets in a sub directory of the root asset like most DAZ-specific stuff is. I have manually moved the folder into the correct place and done a search-replace on the Runtime/Support .dsx to have the asset locations match up (even though I don't actually use Smart Content). But I see that each of the preset files also has the original path to the .duf listed as it's ID in the asset_info block. How critical is it that this match up with where the file is actually located? Do I need to also edit every one of the material presets to correct this, or is this basically ignored by Studio and is more of an internal documentation thing?



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    I've not had any problems moving files, that I've noticed at least.

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    It does not matter to DS where in the Content folder a user file is placed just as long as the files it references, such as textures, are exactly where they are suppose to be.

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