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Mimic Pro does that work with Win 7?
Posted: 03 December 2012 08:55 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Does any one know if Mimic Pro works with either 32-bit or 64-bit Win 7.
If not is there any other program to use for lipsync?

Thank you!

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it does, I use it.
but the more important question is what do you want to use it with?
only the inbuilt lipsync in Daz studio 32 bit or Mimic live in 32 & 64bit work with Genesis in Daz studio.
as it has no cr2 file
Mimic pro needs a cr2 file, it is mostly useful for Daz figures in Poser (my main use for it) or creating lipsync for characters without a supplied configuration file.
(something I have yet to do though P1borg did an excellent tutorial on it I can link here for you if you are interested)


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Wow, thanks wendy catz- that is helpful to know. Personally, I remember seeing a video a few months ago, showing the different versions doing the same sentence, and actually liked what came with the version better than the pro anyway. The pro seemed waaaaaay overdone with the lips, with more movement than seemed necessary.


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I can make an aniblock out of a MimicPro pz2 and edit the mouth movements…or anyother movements.  But I found that in order to make the aniblock, I have to go through Poser first.  I have tried it many different ways but the lip movements would not transfer to the aniblock.  Now that I found a workflow, I can tone down exaggerated lipsynch.